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Bwhahahaha RAYdio Thread
Link | by on 2010-02-07 20:50:58 (edited 2010-02-10 10:54:55)
Hello, this a thread on my radio which is called Bwhahaha RAYdio. I got the name from don kanonji from bleach when he crosses his arms and goes bwhahaha. Im going to put a poll up and see if i should change the name of it. I have different variations of raydio and it seems each of them have its own fan.

-Bwhahaha RAYdio-

My regular broadcast. I play all sorts of things according to my mood. I play j-music, some k-music (primarily epik high), american rock, pop, hip hop. During this time i usually take request if i have the song.

-Hip Hop RAYdio-

This is my hip hop and R&B broadcast. Theres few djs that play it so i play it every once in awhile to those few fans who like it. WARNING THIS BROADCAST CONTAINS EXPLICIT LYRICS

-Ray's Romantic RAYdio-

This broadcast is only love songs of course. I rarely do this broadcast because i like upbeat songs. If this is requested more though than i will think about playing it more.

-RAYdio Specials-

Sometimes im in the mood to hear certain artist/bands. When i do, i usually do a special on that artist/band for the whole show. (ex. Maximum the Hormone Special, Black Eyed Peas Special, etc)

I have a playlist you can request from but as of 02/07/10 it is not updated because my old computer died. Most of the songs from the list i still have on my external hard drive but i will update as soon as i can.

If you have seen my playlist and know a song i might like, give me a pm and i will take a listen to it. If i like it then ill will add it.

MORE COMING SOON----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Re: Bwhahahaha RAYdio Thread
Link | by on 2010-02-08 15:24:09
/bumps to the thread
yay..BwahahaRaydio ;x

are you going to host a special radio (or Ray's Romantic RAYdio) for the upcoming Valentine's day ;o?

Re: Bwhahahaha RAYdio Thread
Link | by on 2010-02-10 10:55:54
we shall see. i believe another dj might be doing a show but if not then maybe.


Re: Bwhahahaha RAYdio Thread
Link | by on 2010-02-10 11:05:59
Hmmm, RAYdio now with themes, eh??? Can't wait...

Re: Bwhahahaha RAYdio Thread
Link | by ruuk2011 on 2024-02-06 02:05:03
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