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Can I request a song for the radio that isn't in the download section?
Each radio DJ is limited to playing songs from the library on their computer. The DJ will fulfill requests if they have or can quickly obtain the requested song.

Can I see a list of songs in the queue for Gendou Radio?
No. This is not feasible due to the nature of the radio software. When songs are enqueued, a message will be sent to the chat.

How can I become a DJ on the radio?
At the moment, new radio DJs are NOT being accepted. Please do not inquire in the forum or to the admin or any other moderator.

How can I request a song be played on Gendou Radio?
When the radio is online, anyone can request a song to be played on Gendou Radio in the chat room. Read the help page in the chat for requesting syntax. I will queue your request as soon as possible. Sometimes the queue can be as long as 20 minutes! Please only request songs listed on the download page.

How do I listen to Gendou Radio?
When the "Radio!" tab is showing, hover over it and click on the "Listen" link corresponding with your music player. If you have none of the programs listed, you can try downloading each of the listen files in turn, and see if they open in your player of choice.

Is Gendou Radio a podcast that I can download and put on my portable mp3 player?
No. Gendou Radio is a live streaming audio feed. It cannot be downloaded.

What is Gendou Radio and how does it work?
Gendou Radio is a streaming audio broadcast from which often plays primarily anime music. This music is chosen by the DJ who may take requests or play whatever they like. Since this service requires a DJ be present, it is not always online. You will see the radio link on the navbar appear during radio broadcast.

When is Gendou Radio on? Is there a schedule?
There are no scheduled on-air times. Please do NOT pester DJs to turn on the radio in the chat!

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