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Discord server July 22nd, 2020
I know it has been a long time since you heard anything from us on this site. Unfortunately, as you might be able to see, it is slowly reaching its end. However, if you miss talking with the people of your past, many of us have joined a discord server and it is quite active most of the time. If this is something you are interested in joining, please message me and I will send you an invite to the server. You can also find me on Reddit under the name Tamatsu if you prefer to reach out that way instead. I still check my messages on this site from time to time, but it will likely be faster to reach me on Reddit if you have an account there instead.

P.S. The download limit is broken. While I know the rules officially state you are only allowed one account, you will have to make a new account in order to download past the limit once you reach it, as it is no longer resetting properly. Sorry about that.
Welcome to Gendou's Anime Music Live! June 10th, 2015
I finally made a playlist, see below player for a link!

Click here to request a video.
Click here to see the request rules.
Click here for a playlist!
Chat not working? Also an update on music uploads. (Update 7-02) October 26th, 2014
Chat not working? Also an update on music uploads. (Update 7-02) Many of you have been asking me why the java fix that we originally found is not working anymore. We do not know for 100% why this is happening, or how to fix it. We have found a few things that work for some people, from reinstalling java to trying to new browsers. Unfortunately, we do not have solutions for every person, and again, we do not know why. We suspect that the chat itself needs an update, though this has not been confirmed by anybody. We understand the chatroom has been slow lately as well, and this is obviously part of the reason. I apologize about this, but if the solutions we have found do not work for you, then there is nothing more we can do to help you get into the chatroom.

As for uploads, many of you have been asking why they haven't been happening. I am VERY sorry about the long wait, but the wait is almost over. I have been extremely busy moving states, and it's taken me a lot longer than I would like to admit. The short story is that the apartment I'm going to move into is still being renovated, and I've been living in a place where my computer does not have an internet connection. This will be remedied here in about a week. I move into my apartment in less than a week from now, and then as soon as I get an internet connection set up, I will be taking my first day off after that just uploading all day. I hope to get at least 30 songs out that day, so be ready for that. Afterwards, uploads will continue at a regular pace. Please just be a little more patient, and songs will be back soon. I promise! Some of you have been asking why I don't let other people upload songs, and the simple answer is that I don't own the site. That is not my choice to make.

If any of you have questions about any of this, or anything at all for that matter, please feel free to message me. -Inuyasha

UPDATE: 7/3 is my first day off after getting internet, so I will be keeping my promise and uploading a crap load of songs for you all. Keep your eyes out all day for them!
Uploads every day? Let's hope so. January 19th, 2014
I have reached the point where I am going to attempt to upload at least one song every single time I visit the website. What does this mean? It means that every time I open the internet, I open up five or six different pages, Gendou being one of them. Thus when I open Gendou to check my messages, I will also upload AT LEAST one song as well. The songs chosen will be 100% random. I will open a random page, click on a random song, and upload it. (NOTE: This is not necessarily true anymore. I am starting to use the voting system more so now that I've got back into the groove of things. Please keep voting for songs you want released!) I open the internet multiple times a day on occasion, and will also attempt to upload a song every time I open the internet every day. This could mean just one song a day, or maybe even six songs a day. Only the future knows for sure, but expect to see more songs regularly from now on! -Inuyasha

P.S. I have made a thread in the forums specifically to discuss anything posted on the home page. Find it here!

P.P.S. If no songs are uploaded on any given day, it means I was extremely busy that day and just had no time. If this happens, I will attempt to make up for it by releasing more than one song. Message me for questions about this.
As some of you may have noticed, some of you can't seem to join our chat room. This is because of the new security levels of Java seeming to block Gendou, and it's content. Not because Gendou is dangerous, but probably because of old certificates. Here is a way to fix this problem and be able to join chat again.

First step: Update to the newest Java if you haven't. I had some problems reinstalling the new update. If you also have problems, just uninstall all Java components (x86, x64, FX, if you have those of course) through your Configuration Screen, restart your pc, and use a offline java installer to update your java. If succeeded, proceed to step two.
Second step: Go to your "Start Menu", then go to your "Control Panel", and try to find "Java" (you can find Java under "Programs"). Open it and you will find a screen with 4 tabs; go to the "Security tab", and click on "Edit Site List". Click on "add", and insert "http://gendou.com/".

If done correctly, you should be able to join Gendou Chat now. Upon joining, you might be prompted with a security message with the question if you want to run Java. Just click run and chat will load.

If you continue to have problems, please message me and I will help you.
Update 1/19 (Podcast Update) [No longer in service] December 22nd, 2013
Hey guys, it's lat! I mentioned previously that i was looking to start a podcast. Well.. I'm happy to announce that it's out! We are calling it "The Shortlist Podcast." We cover pretty much everything relevant with some comedic sense. We have a group of super fun people, and seriously attractive voices. Pretty much every accent you can imagine!

Facebook Page: The Shortlist Podcast
Podcast Page: theshortlistpodcast.com

It would mean a lot if you would give the page a like and a share. It would motivate us to keep episodes rolling out! Tell your friends! And your enemies! And your parents! And your teachers! You get the idea...
Update 12/22 December 9th, 2013
Merry Christmas, all! Or Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Kwanza! Or whatever you do or do not celebrate, have a good week regardless!

I'm posting this update to let you all know that there will be no updates to the music this week because I am going on vacation. To make up for this, I will double the releases to six on the first week of January.

I've been receiving LOADS of videos you guys want added to the GendouTV stream, and I'm LOVING IT! Please keep sending them! My current goal is to reach about 12 hours of content, and right now it's at 5 1/2 hours. Just in the past few weeks it's risen about an hour, so we're doing well! I'm making it a point to respond to every message now, just so you all know, so please message me if you have any questions or recommendations about the site and the stream.
Update 12/10 November 1st, 2013
Hello! It's time to start downloading! To start things off, Gendou himself uploaded about twenty songs just before December, and now that December has started, I will be uploading three songs every week. This may increase to four in the future, but for now we'll see how things go with three weekly. If you have any suggestions regarding this, please keep them to yourself.

The three songs I pick to upload will be chosen at random, but they will for certain not be "new" songs. The songs I pick will at least be past page 5 (for now) on the request list. This is so that I can catch up with last season and start getting more into this season which is just ending. By doing this, I will easily be able to keep up after just a few months without stressing out the release page and your download limits.

Regarding GendouTV, thank you all for the many requests you guys have made! I have recieved on average about one request per day, and I'm absolutely loving it! Please keep requesting more videos! You can find the request form inside of the GendouTV page itself, or you can scroll down two posts and click the link in Update 8/29. The more requests you guys make, the longer and more variant the stream can become. I want to know any suggestions you guys had regarding GendouTV. Please please please message me anything you would like to see happen with GendouTV, as I know it can become bigger and larger for the entire community to enjoy. I often see 25+ viewers in there, but nobody is ever talking. I'm always seeing people asking questions that are not being answered. Why is this? Are you guys watching in full screen? Maybe try to be in the chat a little more so it can become even more active. The more active it gets, the bigger and better it can become, so please try to do that!

If it wasn't for you guys, this site would not be up and running, so thank you for everything!

P.S. Donations always help. If you are enjoying this site and what it is becoming, please donate any amount you can to help keep the site up and running. It is not free by any means, and all donations always help. Just know that if you donate, you can proudly say that the site is up another day because of you! If you have any questions regarding donations, please feel free to message myself or Gendou himself.
Update 11/1 August 29th, 2013
Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Halloween! I am posting to clear a few things up.

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding music update schedule and also requests to put titles up on the livestream. Let me answer these as simple as possible for you all.

1. Music updates will be updated weekly starting the beginning of December. Please be patient. We are all very busy and have things to get finished in our own lives. We do not make money off this site, so we have jobs and bills to keep up on as well. We cannot always come here to update music. It's not as easy as some of you may think, and sometimes it can take a while to upload a song properly.

2. We cannot put titles of any of the songs playing in the livestream at any time. Livestream has no option for us to be able to do that, so please stop asking about it. Believe me, I would certainly like to have titles up if possible, but right now we just can't do that because of the capabilities of livestream. The only way is to either search on your own or ask the chat. You do not need to create a livestream account in order to chat in the livestream chat. Just click the area and create a nickname, and you're good to go. The more people that talk in there, the more answers we can all have.

All in all, just keep the community active. It's you guys, the users that keep everything active and make everything possible for this site. If anyone has any questions regarding anything, please feel free to message me, Inuyasha. Thank you!
Update 8/29 (Requesting Music in GendouTV) August 8th, 2013
Hey guys, just coming to let you know that GendouTV is going to (most likely) be a permanent addition to the site now! Please check it out! A lot of people have been asking how to request songs to add to the playlist. All you have to do is message myself (Inu) the youtube link of the video you would like uploaded. However, there are some limitations on what I will and will not accept.
1. No nudity. This site is 13+, so keep it clean please.
2. Must be from youtube. No nicovideo, mediafire, dropbox, or anything else. If it's not youtube, I will not even glance at it.
3. Must be related to anime. This includes, but is not limited to AMVs, openings, endings, and mashups. (If you send an opening or ending, please TV Size only.)
Even after all this, I alone decide if I want to upload the video or not. If you want to see if it's been uploaded, check out the stream and keep an eye out! (New videos are always placed at the current end of the loop of videos)

Thank you all for supporting the website and GendouTV! We owe it to you guys for the success of everything!
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