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AJAX has arrived! May 3rd, 2006
I am beginning the process of adding AJAX to the site. Today, the request list voting system has been re-implemented using AJAX. If you have any problems using it, or if you have suggestions for furter AJAX upgrades, please let me know in this thread. Thanks!
All Songs Online May 1st, 2006
After much work, all of the songs are now online again.
Begin Load Testing April 25th, 2006
I have begun to pull all of the remaining songs from external hosting onto the main server. Soon, there will be no more broken links, but there may be slower service due to the increased load on the server. You can help by downloading one file at a time. Thanks!
Songs Still Down April 21st, 2006
Many of the songs are still down. I am doing my best to get them back up as soon as possible. In the mean time, check out my friend's online game Planetary Assault to keep yourself entertained!
Songs Rescued April 20th, 2006
I have rescued a few hundred songs from the bandwidth-limited hosting and placed them on the local server. Within the week I plan to upgrade from a 4TB/mo plan to a 10TB/mo plan. This will mean an increase from $150/mo to $400/mo. Clearly, donations will be critical in the months to come.
Bandwidth Limitations April 18th, 2006
Due to new bandwidth limitations enforced by one of my web hosting solutions, many songs are unreachable. The current number is about 500 and will climb to 2500 shortly. I am working on another solution, but it appears unavoidable that there will be a tremendous reduction in the number of online songs in the short run.
New Feature: RSS Feed April 4th, 2006
I have added an RSS feed to the site. In Firefox, you can click the RSS in the address bar to subscribe to the feed. Otherwise, please use this subscription link: http://gendou.com/rss.php
King Of All Cosmos: The Game! March 26th, 2006
Oh no! The King of All Cosmos has broken the database. In this game, you have to put the database back in order. Click here to play.
Gendou Original: Pluripeptide (Final) March 25th, 2006
New gendou original release: Pluripeptide (Final Version)
Cool Game Website March 4th, 2006
I have become addicted to this website: AlexaDex.com. It is a pretend stock market game for websites, and uses alexa.com information to calculate stock shares and prices. Check it out!
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