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Gendou Idol Season 6 December 6th, 2010
Like to sing? Try out for Gendou Idol Season 6!
New songs will be in 320kbps October 15th, 2010
The server hardware has been upgraded, allowing for higher bitrate songs!
From now on, newly added songs will be in 320kbps quality when available.
New System for Cryptography Challenges! September 11th, 2010
Gendou.com Cryptography Challenges are puzzle games that often require math and computer programming skills to solve. The objective is to acquire a secret message which has been hidden or encrypted. Solving the puzzle requires creative and logical thinking, plus the ability to use computers and mathematics to crack the code. Each challenge you complete earns you points which count towards your level. Try to get on the Top 10 scoreboard!
Gendou.com Twitter Feed August 28th, 2010
Newly added songs will now be posted to the official Gendou.com twitter feed: http://twitter.com/gendou_com
Gendou Idol Season 5 January 10th, 2010
Like to sing? Try out for Gendou Idol Season 5!
Previously run in the forums by Pame-chan, Gendou Idol is now a fully integrated part of the site.
Users can vote for their favorite singers, and judge feedback is automatically tallied along with user votes to decide the winner!
New game: Phage Wars: Galaxy! January 7th, 2010
Inspired by the game Phage Wars by Armor Games, Phage Wars: Galaxy is a 3D space war strategy game of intergalactic proportions!
Spread from galaxy to galaxy, conquering your enemies as you go.
There are 100 levels, and you can save your game at any time.
Search Auto-Complete January 2nd, 2010
When you begin to type in the music search box, suggestions will appear.
I hope this is useful and saves everyone some time! Let me know if there's a problem or you have a suggestion.
Introducing Gendou.com Polls! December 4th, 2009
A new polling page has been added here. Ask questions and share your opinion!
New game: Asteroids3D! May 24th, 2009
I have released a new game called Asteroids3D! The object of the game is to fly around in space and blow up asteroids.
New game: DustBunnies! May 4th, 2009
I have released a new game called DustBunnies! You are surrounded by cute dust bunnies which you have to squish. You will need a web cam in order to play this game.
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